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Michelle Madsen

Sales Executive to Michael Rea

Michelle purchased her first home soon after starting work and has always grasped the importance of home ownership and the responsibilities that accompany it. With a combined 27 years in sales, Michelle also has plenty of experience to call upon. Her buyers always appreciate her honesty and straight to the point approach to real estate. When Michelle is not working hard selling houses, she spends a large amount of time in the community helping run Marlborough Four Paws. Four Paws was set up in 2017 to help Marlborough animal owners with de sexing to stop unwanted puppies and kittens. The charity has grown over the last few years with a large number of animals needing help from Four Paws. Michelle’s passion for animals has made her the hard working and caring person she is today. 

Michelle joined forces with Michael Rea in 2019, creating an unstoppable team! Taking up the role of Sales Executive to Michael Rea means that her expertise has been able to help even more buyers into their new homes.

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